Using fair trade, organic, where possible, and local products where ever in the country we trade, we are commited to giving small, local suppliers our custom, keeping food miles down and keeping fuel costs to a minimum for deliveries.
All our food packaging is biodegradable and eco-friendly and 80% of our waste is recycled leaving a minimum to landfill .
We aim to buy in bulk to avoid more packaging waste, purchase only ingredients without E numbers and artificial colors, and sell healthy option alternative drinks, avoiding big brand names.
we create our food from fresh ingredients every day, enabling our customers to enjoy the theatre of good food creation, full of color, aroma and nutrition, the speciality of The Wrap Shack  
We have a proven trail of trading at events where sustainability is essential and take pride in our contribution towards this.  We are constantly striving to improve our processes to limit our impact on the enviroment and increase our ethical credit.
We have been awarded a food hygeine rating level five by Monmouthshire County Council
We aim to bring you great service, energy giving food, wicked tunes, cool vibe, lush surroundings.....lots of love and smiles